Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Down South with Poirier

Not content with his bashment-soca-dancehall maelstrom, Montreal's excellent Poirier takes his dancefloor armageddon to South America for some latin tinged hammers with the ZZK crew. His new EP Las Americas Vol 1 features reggaeton inspired vocals from MC Boogat and its a killer as you would expect, named Kalima Shop Titi (after him out of Temple of Doom). Remixes come from the ZZK label's macs of the moment Douster, Uproot Andy, El Remolón & Lagartijeando. Its going to be dropping digitally worldwide on Feb 16th.

If your in London this Saturday, be sure to catch Poirier playing at the Red Bull Music Academy party joining J-Wow from Bruaka Som Sistema for a highly recommended, all out bass attack.

Monday, 8 February 2010


Batida - "Bazuka"

+BATIDA+ Check our new video! | MySpace Music Videos

We've been on about the awesome album by lisbon's Batida for a while. Now they're dropping a great video for their Bazuka single. Born out of their Fazuma radio show, they're making some of the most exciting lusophone stuff we've heard for a while - melodic kuduro with Angolan folk samples. This video is the result of hours combing the RTV Africa archives and tells the story behind the song. Pedro from Batida says:

"Bazuka" is based on the testimony of a popular in our documentary "É Dreda Ser Angolano", who raises an unanswered question: "Who drafted me?". He was "drafted" as a child, or recruited and forced to fight in war, got lost from his family and survived with serious health problems. We found him in Luanda in 2005. He has a name. He is the unknown soldier of the Colonial and Civil War in Angola. Has "got two pieces of shrapnel from the war, in his head" and faces a new battle everyday: The survival in time of peace. "Ya. That..s all i have to say."

Friday, 5 February 2010

Congolese Cumbia

Download this video for free here

In my mind, the sound and visuals of this video could put this in D.F. as much as Kinshasa. The rhythm has a Cumbia feel (probably the tempo), and the visuals contain skeletons and lucha libre masks.

Baloji, Congolese rapper based in Belgium, who did one of my favorite music videos from a few years ago comes with a hot hot single Karibu ya Bintu (Welcome to life in Limbo) from his new album Kinshasa Succursale. The album is out, but I can't find it, so in the meantime grab his previous album, Hotel Impala.

Campaign to put Bubu on MTV!

Thanks to Eddie Stats for pointing this out up at Pitchfork! A glimpse into the Salone culture I knew as a pikin. Banquet halls and heavily decorated living rooms.

Check for an interview with Janka in the Fader from last year. His album will soon be released high quality digital and vinyl on True Panther Sounds. Let's get this man paid!


Thursday, 4 February 2010

We Like To Party

This arrived in the in box this morning. Jeeps! An exclusive guilty pleasure remix from Radioclit's Australian tour DJ crate. This one will either send you over the edge screaming waving your shirt over your head or hide in the corner of the room and have a bit of cry.

Radioclit - We Like To Party

Monday, 1 February 2010

Los Chinches Jungle Majik

Last year UK/Peruvian Chicha demons, Los Chinches came down to Secousse and smashed it. I first saw them playing their special amazon surf rock at the Carnaval del Pueblo where they made Camberwell in South London sound like the depths of the jungle. They are super fun, and echo the twanging voodoo funk of classic awesome 70s Chicha bands like Los Mirlos, Juaneco Y Su Combo and Los Hijos del sol. So we're really happy that Toy Selectah has done a snaking reggaeton cobra of a remix complete with dem bow drums on their new track. Check it.

Los Chinches - Chicha Love (Toy Selectah RMX)

Go check them playing live shows in London soon.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Jose Antonio Torres Gualajo

Of all the cheap, pirated cd-rs i´ve picked up whilst in Colombia, the undoubted highlight would be an album by Jose Antonio Torres Gualajo called El Pianista de la Selva, in which he works his way through Pangos, Jugas and even some Rumbas.

My favourite is this Pango which opens the CD.

Also check this awesome Youtube video of him playing the Torbellino